Shock Absorber Testing

Shock Absorber Testing


Your car isn’t performing correctly. You book it in for a service. The prognosis. You need new shock absorbers. Rather than relying solely on the word of the mechanic, you want evidence?. and deserve it. Which is why THE SHOCK SHOP has invested in a system designed to give customers confidence?. and proof.

Complementing the specialist technical skills of all THE SHOCK SHOP team, the German designed and manufactured M-Tronic Shock Absorber Tester is the only machine of its kind in New Zealand. Using the latest in computer technology, the Tester in plain and simple language and graphics – tells you exactly the state of your shocks. On the spot. Within minutes.

Tests have shown that if just one shock absorber is worn, a car may need an extra 2.6 metres to stop. That could be the difference between stopping safely and crashing.

  • Does your car do any of the following?
  • Does your steering wheel vibrate uncomfortably?
  • Does your car rock & roll a lot over uneven surfaces?
  • Does the bonnet of your car dip down when you brake to stop or slow down?
  • Does your car veer in side winds?
  • Are your tyres wearing unevenly?
  • Does your car stabilise after one bounce when pushed down on the bonnet?
  • Do your shock absorbers show signs of leakage?