Shock Absorber Testing

Shock Absorber Testing


Your car isn’t performing correctly. You book it in for a service. The prognosis. You need new shock absorbers. Rather than relying solely on the word of the mechanic, you want evidence?. and deserve it. Which is why we have invested in a system designed to give customers confidence?. and proof.

Complementing the specialist technical skills of our team, our Shock Absorber Testing machine , Using the latest in computer technology. The Tester in plain and simple language and graphics – tells you exactly the state of your shocks. On the spot within minutes. With comprehensive print out.

Tests have shown that if just one shock absorber is worn, a car may need an extra 2.6 metres to stop. That could be the difference between stopping safely and crashing.

  • Does your car do any of the following?
  • Does your steering wheel vibrate uncomfortably?
  • Does your car rock & roll a lot over uneven surfaces?
  • Does the bonnet of your car dip down when you brake to stop or slow down?
  • Does your car veer in side winds?
  • Are your tyres wearing unevenly?
  • Does your car stabilise after one bounce when pushed down on the bonnet?
  • Do your shock absorbers show signs of leakage?