Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment

Wheels can go out of alignment for all sorts of reasons. It could be faulty suspension, or just because you’ve hit a pothole.

When it happens, it can cause serious problems – like irregular wear, lower fuel efficiency and even driver fatigue. So to get the best from your tyres and make sure your car is safe, it’s vital you have all four wheels pointing in the right direction.

You may need a wheel alignment if:

  • Your car is ‘fighting you’ through the steering,this causes driver fatigue on long trips.
  • It feels like it’s pulling to one side or the other.
  • You’ve recently had new tyres fitted.
  • Components in your suspension have been replaced.
  • Your vehicle has hit anything on the road – like a pothole.
  • You simply haven’t had one for a year or so.

We’ll get you on the straight and narrow.

Our professional technicians will use the latest technology to make sure your wheels are correctly aligned. While they’re at it, they’ll even check the condition of your suspension components and make sure there’s the right amount of steering free-play too.